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Warehouse Associate

Job function and title:  Warehouse Associate

Department: Warehouse

Supervised by: Warehouse Operations Manager

Location:  Savage, MD



Locate and identify merchandise from inventory assigned to be pre-staged based on defined material manifests for specific delivery routes.

Pull product from numerous locations to be integrated and palletized per route, stop, and customer as defined by the route manifests.

Deliver product to the shipping dock and staged based on the route and door assigned per shift.

Identify and report product shortages to the supervisor based on quantity required per the shipping manifest.

Maintain the dock and warehouse space in a clean and professional manner daily.

Load the trucks and pull the required product within the defined time frame as to not hold and driver or customer from their route or product based on expected delivery windows.

Utilize and safely operate fork lifts, pallet jacks, hand trucks, and other available equipment as authorized by management to perform assigned duties. Manually lift, move and carry materials as directed or required in the performance of warehouse duties.

Participate and complete training programs as assigned. Strictly comply with all safety procedures and rules as required by management. Utilize all safety equipment, materials, and devices as instructed.

Comply with standards of behavior as defined by the warehouse supervisor and management. Report all suspicious behavior and any suspicion of theft or purposeful property or material damage to the warehouse supervisor or manager.

Perform inventory counting, recording, restocking, and control duties as assigned. Perform other warehouse related tasks as directed by management.

Perform any other duties defined by management.


Education, Certificates, Licenses, & Registrations: 

High school graduate, or GED.


Applicant must have at least 3 years of warehouse operations experience.  Must be a team player and have excellent communication skills.  Punctuality is extremely important.

Archives: 2018


Proud members of:         ISSA       SEFA     FEDA